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China Rising:  Regional Dynamics in an Emerging Superpower

July 5 to August 10, 2006

Program Overview

The China Rising program is a five-week summer program that aims to investigate and compare the structures and dynamics of Hong Kong and the Greater Pearl River Delta with Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta. These investigations will provide students with points of comparison dealing with economics, politics, and business developments in China as it emerges as a preeminent economic and political super-power of the 21st century. By combining lectures by local experts and site visits, the China Rising summer program will help students realize that China actually consists of several regions, with identifiable, unique attributes.

The Setting

The program mainly takes place in Hong Kong, a place known for its extraordinary physical beauty, energy, world class infrastructure, and strengths in the areas of tourism, logistics, finance, and business services. The program will also include excursions across the boundary between Hong Kong and mainland China, to the Pearl River Delta cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Both have populations in excess of 10 million people, are rapidly changing, are home to a rising middle class, and are centers of commerce. Shanghai, which lies farther to the north, has 17 million people and is the most dynamic, internationally oriented city of mainland China.


In Hong Kong, the typical day will consists of guest lectures by local faculty and experts in the morning and site visits to business and government offices in the afternoons. Students are encouraged to explore Hong Kong on their own in the evenings and weekends. Trips to the Pearl River Delta will include guided site visits focusing on factories within the region. In Shanghai, the mornings will consist of lectures and afternoons will include site visits to various companies, as well as sites of historical and cultural interest. Students will be assessed by quality of journal entries, regularity and quality of class contributions, professionalism of conduct, and quality of their group project, which will be presented at the end of the program.

IB&M 300; Policy Studies 290; Economics 214

Students who successfully complete this program will earn one course credit (equivalent of 4 semester hours) in either IB&M, Policy Studies, or Economics. Students will receive a letter grade for the course.

Program Activities

In addition to afternoon site visits in Hong Kong, students will also have the opportunity to assess the knowledge they gain in the classroom by participating in a variety of academic excursions. Among these is a week long trips to the Pearl River Delta, near Hong Kong, including overnight trips to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. There will also be a week long trip to Shanghai, including trips to Yangtze River Delta.


In Hong Kong, students will stay at the Hong Kong Poly University student dormitories. In the Pearl River Delta, students will stay at either commercial hotels or university guest houses. During the trip to Shanghai, students will stay in hotel accommodations.

On-Site Administration

The program is directed by Professors James Hoefler of the Political Science Department and Michael Fratantuono of the International Business  & Management Department. Both Professor Hoefler and Fratantuono ran a similar Hong Kong summer program in 2004.

Program Cost

The estimated comprehensive fee will be $5,400, subject to adjustment depending on the availability of flights. The fee covers tuition, room and partial board, round-trip airfare from a designated east coast airport to Hong Kong, excursions, and cultural site visits. Not included in the program fee are primary medical and accident insurance and all other incidental expenses.

For more information, contact

Professor James Hoefler
Department of Political Science
Dickinson College
Tel.: 717-245-1311


Professor Michael Fratantuono
Department of International Business & Management
Dickinson College
Tel: 717-245-1075


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