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European Union and the World: 

The New International Actors

June 7 to July 12, 2008

Toulouse, France

Program Overview

The European Union program is a five-week program based in Toulouse, France that will concentrate on the field of International Relations.  The program will focus particularly on the role of the European Union (EU) as an international actor with regards to its relations with countries outside the EU such as the U.S., African nations, and applicant countries to the European Union. 

The Setting

Toulouse is a thriving cultural and commercial center.  It is located on the Garonne River just north of the Pyrenees Mountains that separate France from Spain. Its red brick buildings give Toulouse the name “la ville rose.” A city rich in both  art and architectural history, Toulouse is home to two of the most famous churches in southern Europe: the Romanesque Basilica St. Sernin and the Gothic Cathedral of St. Etienne. The wealthy pastel merchants of the Renaissance built elaborately decorated homes, such as the Hotel d'Assezat, now home to the Bemberg Foundation collection of Renaissance, Venetian, and Modern Art. The Dickinson Study Center in Toulouse, located a short distance from the city center, is in a refurbished villa on the Canal du Midi. It contains large, sunny classrooms, a library, a kitchenette, and a student lounge


IS-290 or POSC-290: The European Union and the World:

The New International Actors

Students who successfully complete this program will earn one course credit (the equivalent of four semester hours).  For International Studies and IB&M majors with a European concentration, the program fulfills one of the country/area requirements.  For Political Science majors, the program fulfills an elective credit for the major.  The program also fulfills the Division II requirement.  Students will receive a letter grade for the course.

Students will attend the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP), a public institution of higher education that trains students for high-level roles within the public and private sectors in public policy, international relations, finance, management, media, and communication.  The instructional segment of the program will combine courses, seminars, and tutorials, which will be divided into 5 units.

French is not a pre-requisite of this program.  Students will receive basic lessons in French to help them with daily life in Toulouse. 

Program Activities

Students will attend classes during the week and participate in program activities related to the academic program.  Program activities will include visits to local historical sites and important industrial centers such as the Airbus facilities.  The program will also include two weekend field trips to the Pyrenees mountains and to the local seaside wine region. 


During their stay in Toulouse, students will reside with English-speaking French host families.  Interaction with French host families is an effective way to gain a better understanding of French home life and to expand one's working vocabulary.  Individual student initiative will usually determine the type of relationship with the family.


Students will have breakfast and dinner with their host families five days a week.  Weekday lunches will be served at and paid for by the Institut d’Etudes Politiques.  Students will receive a stipend for additional meals.

On-Site Administration

The program will be taught by Professors Kristine Mitchell, Professor of Political Science at Dickinson College, and a team of professors from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, directed by Professor Danielle Cabanis, Professor of History and Law.  The program will also include administrative assistance from the Toulouse program Resident Director, Professor Sylvie Toux and the Dickinson staff in France.

Program Cost

The estimated comprehensive program fee will be approximately $5,100, which covers tuition, housing, and some meals with a host family, university lunch meals, a food allowance, and scheduled field trips.  Not included are medical and accident insurance purchased in the U.S., travel costs to/from Toulouse, and all other incidental expenses.


For more information, contact

Assistant Professor Kristine Mitchell

Department of Political Science, Dickinson College

Tel: 717-245-1220



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