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England: City-Country, Mind-Body

May 24-June 18, 2009*

London, England and Yorkshire Moors and Dales, Peak District and Lake District National Parks

* Please note these dates are subject to change depending on flight availability.

Program Overview

The City-Country, Mind-Body program is a four-week interdisciplinary program beginning in London and followed by a 13-day countryside walking excursion.  The program will explore the ways in which the concepts of “city” and “country” are created and expressed within the context of English culture and national identity.  By comparing and contrasting the construction and interaction of rural and urban perspectives, the program will examine how the concepts of “country” and “city” can be understood through intellectual, artistic, and experiential modesof learning.

The Setting

The first half of the program takes place in London, a world city with an enduring history.  London is a unique resource to study urbanization and how inhabitants regard and interpret the notion of the countryside.  The second half of the program is comprised of the completion of the famous “Coast-to-Coast” walk, a journey of 180 miles from the shores of the North Sea in Robin Hood’s Bay to the Lake District on the coast of the Irish Sea. 


Humanities 109: England: City-Country, Mind-Body

Students who successfully complete this program will earn one course credit (the equivalent of four semester hours).  The program will count as a Division Ic: Arts and Humanities Distribution Course.   It will also fulfill two blocks of the Physical Education requirement.  Students will receive a letter grade for the course.

The London component of the program will study how the ideal of the English countryside is evoked within a major world city through painting, drama, urban planning, landscape, architecture, and other aesthetic and intellectual mediums.  Assignments in London will include two essays in addition to preparatory readings.

 The “Coast-to- Coast” component of the program will explore the idea of “countryside” by completing a 13-day walk across England.  During this time, students will examine how they learn different things about nature and the countryside through direct, physical experience.  As well as, analyzing how compatible the walking experience is with the impressions of the countryside created by the work of the writers, painters and poets in London.  In addition, participants will investigate how people living in the countryside view “the city.” Assignments in the countryside will include journal entries and presentation assignments, as well as a final project.

Program Activities

The dual setting of the program allows for a variety of activities.  The two weeks in London will integrate morning class, afternoon tours and activities in and around the city, and evening performances and cultural events.  Through play attendance, gallery visits, walking tours and concerts, participants will cultivate an awareness of the ideal of the English countryside.  The final two weeks of the program will primarily be a physical experience of the English countryside.  There will be 11 to 13 miles of walking each day, followed by an evening class/de-briefing and planning for the next day.


In London, students will be staying at a local hotel or bed and breakfast in the city.   During the countryside excursions, students will stay at inns and youth hostels along the route.  Bags will be delivered by transport service each evening to the group’s accommodation. 


On-Site Administration

The program will be directed by Professor Todd Wronski of the Theatre and Dance Department and Dr. Les Poolman, Director of Athletics.  Professor Wronski has conducted summer programs in London five previous times and has served as the Resident Director of Dickinson’s Norwich Humanities program.  Dr. Poolman is a native of England and has previously taught for Dickinson’s program in London.

Program Cost

The estimated comprehensive fee will be approximately $5400. The program fee will cover tuition, accommodations, some group meals during the program, a food stipend for other meals, entrance fees for cultural program activities, transportation related to the program, and transport of luggage to accommodations during the Coast-to-Coast walk.  Not included are medical and accident insurance purchased in the U.S., transportation costs to/from London, and all other incidental expenses.

For more information, contact

Professor Todd Wronski

Department of Theatre and Dance, Dickinson College

Tel: 717-245-1611


Dr. Leslie Poolman

Director of Athletics, Dickinson College

Tel: 717-245-1320


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