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Málaga Summer Immersion

May 22-June 26, 2009*

Málaga, Spain

*Please note these dates are subject to change depending on flight availability.

Program Overview

The five-week Málaga Summer Immersion program allows students to expand their linguistic ability and develop a cultural awareness of part of the Hispanic world.  While living abroad, students will also acquire an understanding of the history and traditions of Spain.

The Setting

Founded by Phoenicians in the l0th century B.C., Málaga is a lively, attractive city of about 600,000 inhabitants. Within easy access to Málaga are the historical cities of Andalucía: Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla, as well as the famed beaches of Costa del Sol. Despite being surrounded by some of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, Málaga is a traditional Spanish city with cobble-stoned streets and promenades lined with palm trees along the Mediterranean bay. Early summer temperatures tend to stay in the 70s (F).

The University of Málaga is one of Spain’s newest universities, founded in 1972. It is comprised of eight schools and has several institutes located in different sections of the city, enrolling over 20,000 students. Dickinson program participants will be enrolled in the Departamento de Cursos para Extranjeros.  



Students must be in good academic standing and have successfully completed the intermediate college level of Spanish (SPAN-116 at Dickinson).

SPAN-200 Málaga Summer Immersion

Students who successfully complete the program will earn one course credit (the equivalent of four semester hours).  Program participants are required to abide by a language policy to speak only in Spanish for the duration of the program.  Students will receive a letter grade for the course.

A typical day consists of the following activities: Monday through Friday mornings consist of language practice and grammar review with faculty from the Departamento de Cursos para Extranjeros of the Universidad de Málaga.  Students will also take a course about Spanish culture, focusing on the country’s art, customs, and history.  The conversational classes and tutorials will include discussions on current issues, such as the political and educational systems in Spain.

On weekday afternoons, students will practice language with tutors in small group situations.  The tutorial sessions will consist of informal outings for vocabulary development and cultural immersion in real-life situations, such as at the post office, in the bank, at the market, etc.  These tutorials will be replaced on some days by other organized afternoon activities.

Program Activities

The program includes field trips to cities in Andalucia, as well as short excursions to various local sites and museums.  Lectures precede the field trips in order to provide students with the necessary cultural and historical background.


Students live and eat meals in Spanish residences. Interaction with Spanish host families is an effective way to gain a better understanding of Spanish home life and to improve Spanish language skills.  Individual student initiative will usually determine the kind and amount of interpersonal contact derived from the living situation.


On-Site Administration

Assistant Professor Elise Bartosik-Velez of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will be the Dickinson Program Director in Málaga for the summer of 2009.  She will be assisted by the faculty of the Universidad de Málaga, by tutors who are members of the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, and by staff at the University’s Cursos para Extranjeros.

Program Cost

The estimated comprehensive fee will be approximately $5350. The program fee will cover tuition, room and board, scheduled progra excursions, and admission to selected museums.  Not included in the program fee are primary medical and accident insurance purchased in the U.S., travel costs to/from Málaga, visa costs if necessary, and all other incidental expenses. 

For more information, contact

Assistant Professor Elise Bartosik-Velez

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Dickinson College

Tel: 717-245-1884


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