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The Washington Center

May 27– August 8, 2009

Washington, D.C


Program Overview

The summer internship program offered by The Washington Center (TWC),

Dickinson's partner program in Washington D.C., provides students with the

opportunity to experience and explore various career paths while sampling the

intellectual and cultural diversity of our nation’s capital.  The Dickinson Summer

Program in Washington integrates seamlessly into a well rounded Dickinson

education that is designed to promote future success and leadership in the public,

private, and nonprofit sectors of society.  This 3-credit program is open to all majors.


The Setting

Although the program is based in Washington, D.C. and most of the internship sites

will be located within the city limits, it is possible for students to take advantage of

internship opportunities almost anywhere within the Washington metropolitan area by

using public transportation.


The TWC internship program includes three major components:


Internship (1 credit):

Students are offered several internship opportunities based on preferences expressed

on their application, and then are free to decide which internship offer to accept.

Students work at their internship sites 4 to 4.5 days a week.  The internship experience

is graded jointly by the internship site supervisor and the TWC program supervisor.

The grade earned is reported on the Dickinson transcript, but the grade is not

calculated as part of the student's GPA.


Academic Course (1 credit): 

Students also enroll in a TWC academic course, which meets once a week in the

evening for approximately 2.5 hours at various sites around the city.  As with the

internship, students earn a letter grade for the academic course taken. That grade

is reported on the Dickinson transcript, but the grade is not calculated as part of the

student's GPA.


Independent Study (1 credit):

Each student identifies a faculty member who is willing and able to work with him or

her on an independent study that is closely aligned with the student's internship

interests.   Faculty members and students negotiate (by phone and e-mail) the scope,

direction, and details of the independent study project as the internship experience

unfolds.  The faculty supervisor will normally make one on-site visit to Washington D.C.

during the course of the summer to confer with the student about progress on the

independent study project and to get a general sense for the quality of the student's

TWC experience.  Students receive a letter grade for the independent study project, and

that grade is calculated into the GPA.

Program Activities

During times when the students are not interning, taking classes, or working on an

independent study project, they may find themselves participating in any number of

ancillary TWC activities, including:

  • Congressional Breakfast Series
  • Presidential Lecture Series
  • Embassy Visit Program
  • Small group discussions and professional workshops
  • Volunteer activity in the local community


The Washington Center provides professional-style, independent living arrangements

in apartment buildings in the Northern Virginia area, with access to downtown

Washington, D.C. by metro.  Housing facilities are located in well-lit, high traffic areas

that provide excellent security and comfortable surroundings. There is close, easy

access to Washington's Metro subway system, shops, restaurants, and convenience

stores. Although there are variations among the different housing units, most offer the

following amenities:

  •   Furnished apartments
  •   Fully equipped walk-in kitchens with microwave ovens
  •   Individually controlled heating and air conditioning units
  •   In-room laundry facilities
  •   24-hour Front Desk
  •   Fitness facility
  •   Swimming pool (indoor or outdoor)
  •   Student Services staff/resident assistants (available 24-hours)

On-Site Administration

The staff of The Washington Center supervises the day-to-day program.  The internship

site supervisor and the seminar instructor also play key supervisory roles.

Program Cost

The estimated comprehensive fee will be approximately $14,580.  The program fee will cover tuition, housing, and administration fees.  Not included in the program fee are the application fee, food, travel to/from Washington, D.C., commuting expenses,primary medical and accident insurance purchased in the U.S., and other

incidental expenses.  Please note that if you received Financial Aid, you are only eligible to to receive financial aid for one-credit of this three-credit program.

For more information, contact

Professor James Hoefler

Department of Political Science, Dickinson College

Tel: 717-245-1311


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