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Dickinson Summer Programs

For more information, please join us at the

Summer Programs Study Abroad Fair

on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 from 5:30 to 7:00pm

in the HUB Lobby (around the stairwell).

The following information is for the 2009 Summer Programs. Information about the Summer 2010 programs will be available in November.

Application Deadline Approaching!

Please note that all summer 2009 applications are due February 1.

During the summer of 2009, Dickinson is sponsoring five programs of various types in England, Italy, Greece, Spain, and the United States.  These programs, led by Dickinson faculty, are designed to access local cultures and societies in creative and sustained ways, providing intensive and effective learning opportunities for all participants.

Summer 2009 Programs

For information about our language immersion programs, please see:

For information about our thematic programs, which are taught in English, please see:


Click here for the application for Short-term Programs 2009

* Please note that airfare is NOT included in the program cost for summer programs.

Past Summer Programs

Please click here for more information about past summer programs

Short-term Orientation Hanbook

Click here for the 2009 Short-term Orientation Handbook

Requirements and Grades

All students applying for a summer program should be in good academic standing.  The minimum GPA requirement is 2.8.  Applicants should consult the program listing or ask the program director about any specific eligibility requirements for participation in a particular program.

All courses are offered for a letter grade.  In this regard, students from other institutions are advised to consult with their Registrar regarding credit transfer prior to applying to a program.


Programs fill up quickly and spaces are limited, so apply early.  Summer programs follow a “rolling admissions” policy, which means that completed applications will be reviewed and accepted on an ongoing basis.  All students must submit an application no later than February 1, 2009

Application forms may be obtained at the Information Desk in the Stern Center for Global Education, on the Global Education website, or obtained by mail.  Please find contact information below:

Office of Global Education

Dickinson College

P.O. Box 1773

Carlisle, PA 17013-2896

Tel.: 717-245-1341


Financial Assistance

Dickinson College students who are eligible for need-based financial aid should submit the summer 2009 Program Application for Financial Aid to the Financial Aid Office by February 1, 2009.  Please submit applications early so that financial aid staff members can process them promptly. 

Click here for the financial aid form for short-term programs.

No financial aid application received after the deadline will be processed.  Award notices will be sent out in early March of 2009.  Students from other institutions should inquire about financial aid possibilities at their home institution’s financial aid office.

Schedule of Payments

A $25.00 non-refundable application fee must accompany the completed application form.  A $300.00 non-refundable confirmation payment will be due in early March of 2009.  Billing for the balance of the program fee, less any applicable financial aid, should be received in April for payment in early May. 

Program Costs

Please note that prices listed in this brochure are approximated and will be confirmed before confirmation deposits are collected.  The information in this publication is accurate as of this printing, but is subject to change without notice.

Airfare for Programs

Please note that airfare is NOT included in the program fee.  Students will be expected to arrange for their own transportation on recommended group flights and arrive in their host city at times designated by the program director.

Financial Help for Airfare Costs

For students receiving financial assistance, it may be difficult to purchase a ticket with personal funds prior to financial aid being dispersed.  In this case, students may apply for a “Bridge Loan,” which is a loan from Dickinson College explicitly for the purpose of purchasing a plane ticket for a credit-bearing Dickinson study abroad program.  Inquiries and applications should be made to the Student Accounts Office a couple of weeks in advance of when you need the funds. 

Bridge loans are not available to students with past due balances on their student account.  Verification of pending financial aid to cover the amount of the Bridge Loan is part of the acceptance process for these loans.   The Bridge Loan will appear as a charge on a student’s account and will be paid off with financial aid once aid is dispersed.  The cost of a bridge loan is 1.5% per month until your financial aid arrives to cover your balance. 

For more information, or to apply for a Bridge Loan, students should inquire with:

The Office of Student Accounts

Mr. Tom Meyer

Holland Union Building

Dickinson College

(717) 245-1518


A student’s date of withdrawal is determined by either one of the following:

  • The date the student notifies the Office of Global Education in writing of his/her decision to withdraw, or the date the student is officially dismissed from the program.
  • A student who withdrawson or prior to the 45th day before the start date of the program will receive a 100% refund, less the non-refundable confirmation payment.
  • A student who withdraws after the 45th day prior to the program start date, but before the actual start of the program, will receive an 80% refund of the program fee less the non-refundable confirmation payment.
  • A student that withdraws after the program starts will forfeit 100% of the program fee.

Financial Aid Refunds

For students receiving Financial Aid, the financial aid refund rules apply as stated in the Dickinson College Bulletin under the Dickinson College Refund Policy.  It is important to understand that since the financial aid refund is calculated using different methods, the refund to the student account may not fully cover the required refund to the financial aid programs.  Therefore, the student may end up owing funds to Dickinson College after the refund to the financial aid programs has been made.

Student Code of Conduct

In all Dickinson College programs abroad, program participants shall respect the rights of other students, staff, and faculty.  Participants are held responsible for college policies found in the Dickinson College Student Handbook.  The program director will serve as the Judicial Hearing Officer for alleged violations.

Students are expected to abide by the code of conduct expressed in the Study Abroad Student Agreement form, which is signed as part of the application process.  It is a fundamental expectation that students will respect the norms of the host culture with regard to behavior and dress; obey host country laws; participate fully in class work and group excursions; respect the rules and property of program hosts; and follow the guidance of the program director.

Students can be dismissed from programs for violating policies, rules, or regulations; for engaging in disruptive behavior; for academic infractions; or for conduct that could bring the program into disrepute.  In addition, the use, purchase, or sale of illegal drugs is prohibited and is considered cause for immediate dismissal.  Likewise, the misuse of alcohol will not be tolerated and can result in dismissal.  In all such cases, students will be discharged without a refund. The Executive Director of Global Education will make dismissal judgments on the advice of the program director. 

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