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“ Studying at UQ provides an incredible experience for students.  Academically, UQ offers some unique experiences, particularly in the case of fieldwork courses where students get to experience the diversity of Australia's wildlife and landscapes firsthand.  Students within the social sciences or business, for example, also will find [uniqueness] as they may study something familiar, like U.S. politics or business practices, from a totally new angle - from the perspective of an Australian and the Austral-Asian region.  Study abroad is not just about the studying; many students discover a new sense of self.  Australia is probably one of the farthest places you can go to study, which really stretches your sense of independence.  Take that 14-hour flight - it's worth it! ”

- Ann Wadsworth

resident director,

Dickinson in Australia

Dickinson in Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a sub-tropical city of approximately 1.6 million people situated along the east coast of Australia. Known for its relaxed life style, educated and multiethnic work force, and extensive cultural opportunities, Brisbane has been named “Australia’s Most Livable City."  The state of Queensland is climatically and geologically diverse.  It is home to a portion of Australia's famed outback, the Great Barrier Reef, world-class beaches and the Daintree Rainforest - the oldest rainforest in the world.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) is home to 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying in 400 different majors and programs.  The university offers more than 5,500 courses annually, ensuring that Dickinson students from a broad spectrum of disciplines will find coursework to enhance their academic pursuits.  Each year more than 3,800 international students from more than 80 countries join the student body at UQ in pursuit of higher education.

UQ is well known for its science programs and is one of eight Australian universities designated as a research institution by the national government.  It is noted for both excellent teaching and research, particularly in laboratory and field-based courses.  The program at UQ complements Dickinson's curriculum by extending the range and variety of courses available within a major, while fostering greater international awareness and understanding through formal study and informal interaction.

The Dickinson College program at the University of Queensland was designed to provide students studying biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology, mathematics, physics and psychology with the opportunity to expand their understanding of those major disciplines through international study.  Although the principle focus is to provide a study abroad option for science majors, the program also offers opportunities for qualified non-science majors.  UQ is known for its course offerings in business, economics and sociology, as well as health and environmental studies.

Dickinson in Australia is designed as a semester-long program. On occasion, students study at UQ for a full year. UQ’s first semester runs from mid-February through June and corresponds to Dickinson’s spring semester. UQ’s second semester runs from mid-July through November and corresponds to Dickinson’s fall semester.

Students enroll in a total of four courses at UQ. The typical student takes two courses in his/her major, one course in Australian culture and/or history, and one course as an elective in an area of personal interest.  While the program does not have a required core course, students must enroll in at least one course with a content focus on Australian culture and/or history.

Qualified students from non-science majors are invited to apply.  Each semester, several spaces on the UQ program are designated for non-science majors.  Additional non-science applicants are admitted on a space-available basis.

Examples of courses that fulfill the Australian culture and/or history requirement:

Aboriginal Women

Origins of Australia

Race and Ethnic Relations in Australia

Contemporary Australian Foreign Policy

Research with Indigenous People

Critical Social Issues in Australian Society

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives

On-Site Administration
Ann Wadsworth is the resident director of the Dickinson College program at UQ. She was formerly employed by UQ in its office for international students and was instrumental in the founding of the Dickinson College program at UQ. She is responsible for arranging housing for students, providing a general orientation to Australia, Brisbane and UQ, assisting students with course enrollment, organizing Dickinson academic excursions and managing the day-to-day operation of the program.

There are 10 residential colleges on the UQ campus. Each college has its own activities and traditions. Living in a college allows Dickinson students to interact with Australian students and experience academic life from their perspective. The colleges sponsor their own sporting and cultural events, have their own cafeterias and computer centers, and provide a community-based learning environment. Dickinson currently places students at Cromwell College, Emmanuel College, International House, King's College and Women’s College. Each college houses approximately 250 students in three or four small dorms arranged around a central quadrangle.

Quick Facts
Dates Program Fee* Application Deadline
Fall Mid-July to late Nov. $24,930 Feb. 15
Spring Mid-Feb. to late June $24,930 Sept. 15

* This is the program fee for 2009-2010; the program fee for 2010-2011 will correspond to on-campus tuition and fees and will be determined during spring 2010.

Program Fee Includes
• tuition and fees
• room and board
• pre-departure and on-site orientations

• required Australian government-issued health insurance
• academic excursions run by the Dickinson College program

• support for one excursion associated with a single credit-bearing course

The program fee does not include primary health insurance, airfare, passport, visa, immunizations, optional travel, personal expenses, meals and housing during vacations, books or supplies.

Special Requirements
3.0 GPA
Open to all students on a selective basis.  Students majoring in biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology, mathematics, physics and psychology are encouraged to apply.  Each semester, a number of placements in the program will be designated for non-science majors.   Additional non-science majors will be admitted on a space-available basis.


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