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Dickinson in Japan


Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya, in southcentral Japan, is the nation’s third largest city, with more than 8 million residents living in the greater metropolitan area.  The city is served by Japan's famous "bullet trains" or shinkansen, located on a line that runs between Tokyo and Osaka.  One of the city's most famous landmarks is Nagoya Castle, which was built by the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu for his ninth son.

Nanzan University

Nanzan University, Japan's second-largest Catholic university, was founded in 1946 as a college for foreign-language study and has grown into a university famous for its language programs.

Along with studying the Japanese language, program participants take politics, folklore, religion, literature and history courses taught in English.  Courses in traditional Japanese arts, such as calligraphy and wood-block printing, also are offered, giving students additional creative opportunities to learn about Japanese culture.

Most program participants attend courses at the Center for Japanese Studies, but advanced students of Japanese may enroll in regular classes at Nanzan, which are taught exclusively in the host language.

The Dickinson in Japan program is language intensive and is designed to advance the skills of students at all levels, from intermediate to advanced.  Language courses are conducted in the morning; in the afternoon, students take lecture courses taught in English that deal with cultural, political and economic issues.

Language courses include:

Elementary Japanese

Pre-Intermediate Japanese

Intermediate Japanese

Pre-Advanced Japanese

Advanced Japanese

Courses in Japanese area studies include:
Japanese Business
Japanese Culture

Japanese History

Japanese Foreign Policy

Japanese Economy

Japanese Culture and Art

Japanese Non-Profit Sector
Japanese Literature
Japanese Politics
Japanese Religions
Japanese Society

Seminars for advanced speakers include:
Classical Japanese
Elementary Translation
Intermediate Translation
Readings in the Social Sciences
Readings in Japanese Literature

Japanese Writing

Introduction to Creative Writing

Students who successfully complete a semester in Nagoya receive up to 4.5 Dickinson credits.  Those who complete a full year receive up to nine Dickinson credits.

On-Site Administration
The program is administered by the Center for Japanese Studies at Nanzan University, which provides on-site support and advisement to students.

Dickinson students studying in Nagoya have the option of living with a Japanese host family or in residence halls at the university.  For a more enhanced immersion experience into daily Japanese life and the greatest opportunity to use their Japanese language skills, Dickinson encourages students to live with a host family.

Quick Facts
  Dates Program Fee* Application Deadline
Academic Year early Sept. to late May $49,860 Nov. 1**
Fall early Sept. to mid-Dec. $24,930 Nov. 1**
Spring early Jan. to late May $24,930 March 1**

* This is the program fee for 2009-2010; the program fee for 2010-2011 will correspond to on-campus tuition and fees and will be determined during spring 2010.

** Please note that there are a limited number of spots available to Dickinson students at Nanzan.  Students interested in spring study abroad at Nanzan are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by November 1 of the previous year whenever possible (e.g., students interested in spring 2011 study abroad should consider submitting their applications by November 1, 2009). 

Program Fee Includes
• tuition and fees
• room in dorm or with a host family
• board with host family (allowance for meals not provided by host family)
• allowance for subway fares in Nagoya
• allowance for National Health and Accident Insurance
• computer access at Nanzan
• pre-departure and on-site orientations

The program fee does not include primary health insurance, airfare, passport, visa, immunizations, optional travel, personal expenses, meals and housing during vacations, books or supplies.

Special Requirements
3.0 GPA
Students must complete at least two years of college-level Japanese before studying abroad


Nagoya Handbook

Nagoya Student Budget Sheet

Dickinson Nagoya Blog

Nanzan University

Photos from the Nagoya Program

For more information, contact
Prof. Akiko Meguro
Department of East Asian Studies
Dickinson College
P.O. Box 1773
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: (717) 245-1437

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