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Dickinson in Mexico

Querétaro, Mexico

Querétaro, a city of 600,000 residents located 120 miles northwest of Mexico City, is a Mexican “state capital,” serving as the center of government for the state of Querétaro.  Querétaro is expanding outward thanks to thte growth of industry, but the heart of the city is still distinctively Mexican/Latin American.  Its neighborhoods are crisscrossed by cobblestone streets, making it an inviting location in which to hear and speak Spanish.

One of the most interesting spots in the city center of Querétaro, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the Plaza de la Independencia.  However, the square is better known to locals as Plaza de los Perros, a nod to four stone dogs that flank the central fountain.

For many Americans, knowledge of Mexico begins and ends at popular tourist resorts.  However, by placing program participants directly into a Mexican university and housing them with local families, Dickinson's Querétaro program offers students the opportunity to get intimately acquainted with this nation, its history and its people.

Universidad Autonóma de Querétaro

The Dickinson program is based at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ), a university of more than 15,000 students on two campuses - one in the city center dating back to the 17th century, the other a spacious, more modern campus just on the edge of town.

The university is known for its academic strength in a variety of subject areas and recently has experienced a great deal of growth in its College of Business as well as in public/private initiatives researching water-resource issues.


Upon arrival, students take a language-proficiency test that determines their placement in a Spanish language class.  They also enroll in a Latin American studies course taught specifically for the Dickinson program, for which they receive credit for Latin American Studies 202.  Students also receive one credit for each course successfully completed at UAQ, up to a maximum of four course credits.

Students may choose from a wide range of offerings at the university, in areas such as anthropology, economics, business, philosophy, literature, sociology and fine arts.  All courses are taught in Spanish.


Students with a strong command of the Spanish language may elect to find and complete an internship while in Querétaro.  Students complete the requirements for an internship notation on their transcript in accordance with the Dickinson College Career Center's guidelines.


Field trips to cities such as Guanajuato, Zihuatanejo, Oaxaca and Mexico City are typically scheduled, as well as academic excursions to pre-Columbian archaeological sites like Tula and Teotihuacan.

On-Site Administration
Students are supported on site by the director of the faculty of languages and literature at UAQ, who oversees the logistics of the Dickinson Querétaro program.  An additional administrator who is familiar with UAQ serves as Dickinson's program representative and helps students with course selection or with other challenges they may face while studying and living in Mexico.

Students live and take their meals with carefully selected Mexican families, giving participants even greater opportunities to speak Spanish and explore daily life in Mexico.  Students commute to the UAQ campus by walking or using the local bus system.

Quick Facts
  Dates Program Fee* Application Deadline
Spring early Jan. to mid-June $24,930 Sept. 15

* This is the program fee for spring 2010; the program fee for spring 2011 will correspond to on-campus tuition and fees and will be determined during spring 2010.

Program Fee Includes
• tuition and fees
• room and board
• pre-departure and on-site orientations
• academic excursions

The program fee does not include primary health insurance, airfare, passport, visa, immunizations, optional travel, personal expenses, meals and housing during vacations, books or supplies.

Special Requirements
2.8 GPA
Students must complete Spanish 231 before studying abroad.


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Photos for the Querétaro Program
Universidad de Autonoma de Querétaro



For more information, contact

Prof. Kjell Enge, On-Campus Coordinator

Department of Anthropology

P.O. Box 1773

Carlisle, PA 17013-2896

Phone: (717) 245-1207


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