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Volume 84 • Number 2
Fall 2006

Our New Look, Part II
From the Editor
By Sherri Kimmel, Senior Editor

Six years ago I wrote to introduce a new design for Dickinson Magazine. It was a radical change, as we were moving from a rather ungainly tabloid, printed on uncoated paper, to a sleeker 8 1/2 X 11-size magazine on coated stock.

Our new design, which you hold in your hands, is radical in a different manner. For the first time since Dickinson began publishing a magazine in 1923, it is running color inside. Many of you (who have responded to our readership surveys and written to or spoken with me personally) have been requesting color for a long time.

While costing out the job we were able to locate a printer that specialized in alumni magazines and that could print full color at a price that was competitive with the cost of our black-and-white magazine. So we made the leap.

But color inside is not the only change. We contracted Landesberg Design, a Pittsburgh firm that has done stellar work for Kenyon College and the Heinz Foundation, to orchestrate a new graphic treatment. What Landesberg created is a fresh, contemporary, more open look for the magazine. For those of you who are curious, the main fonts are Thesis and Mrs. Eaves, with a little Garamond and Clarendon thrown into the mix.

While this newest rendition of Dickinson Magazine contains many changes there also are some constants. Most members of the editorial team remain consistent with the 2000 redesign: Publisher Robert J. Massa, Senior Editor Sherri Kimmel, College Photographer Pierce Bounds ’71 and proofreader extraordinaire and approver of all things written and photographed, Karen Neely Faryniak ’86, associate vice president for college relations.

Barbara Snyder Stambaugh, who joined the staff as assistant editor in fall 2001, and Lauren DeFont, the staff writer who’s been with our office for a year, help to keep us running on schedule.

We also are fortunate to continue with Baltimore freelance designer Amy Wells, who makes the magazine look snazzy issue to issue. Amy and I have been collaborating on alumni magazines since 1986, when she was the designer for The Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine Consortium and I was managing editor of The Hill, the magazine of Western Maryland (now McDaniel) College. Our relationship has lasted longer than many marriages (and is more cordial, I’d wager).

While our look has changed, our editorial staff will continue to strive in creative ways to tell the Dickinson story. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you think of our new new look. Please e-mail me at kimmel@dickinson.edu.


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