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Volume 83 • Number 1
Summer 2005

Hot Wheels: Land-yacht Attitude
By R.H. Booz ’75
My first car is forever tied to Dickinson. A red 1963 Buick with the lines, edges and angles of the period, it had a land yacht’s attitude. It was my bridge from home to Carlisle, from escape to anticipation in one trip. On warm days, my arm out the window, no worries about skin cancers or insect impacts, it floated me toward my goals. In winter, it oozed its way along Pennsylvania roads ever on the edge between control and fear.

It took a load of WDCV’ers to an FCC licensing in Philadelphia and back, or at least in front of the War College, before it grew tired of rain and decided to stop. It died a Dickinsonian’s death in Baltimore, just before my graduation, transmission lost in front of a bar on the bad side of town. With me was Robin Mayper ’77, en route to an end-of-school party at the Bay Ridge home of another friend, Beth Barker ’77. Noble in its death, the Buick donated its tires and wheels to Roger Lowe ’77’s gray hearse.

Now I’m the one who is high mileage, understanding the pleasures of being in park and not drive but still ready for a long drive to nowhere.

The photo is of a sister ship, accurate except for the subtleties of character. •
R.H. Booz ’75
Durham, Conn


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