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Volume 84 • Number 3
Winter 2007

Courting Radical Change
Development Perspective
By Don Hasseltine, Vice President for Development

Capital campaigns, when done well, create a synergy of “can do” spirit across the campus community. Alumni, parents, faculty and staff are energized by collective enthusiasm and by increased investment in Dickinson’s academic experience. This esprit de corps builds a dynamic community with an enduring commitment to excellence.

A campaign also allows us to work together, creating an experience that is larger than ourselves. The First in America campaign will set us on the course to fulfill the destiny set forth by a founding father; few such opportunities come along in a lifetime. Meeting the lofty but attainable objectives of this campaign will transform Dickinson forever and will make all of us increasingly proud and excited about the future of our college.

What will the transformation look like when the campaign is fully funded? Let me explain the impact that meeting our goals will have.

Impact of providing $28 million to the Annual Fund:

This is the heart of the campaign and is how most of us will participate. The Annual Fund provides investment capital for excellence. The creative energy on this campus is palpable, and increasing the Annual Fund is critical as the college moves ahead to seize opportunities. The unrestricted nature of these gifts and their immediate availability enable the college to meet new challenges. In many cases, the Annual Fund represents the seed money for projects in anticipation of long-term endowed support. This is especially important to the building of scholarship and academic-program support.

Impact of providing $46 million to scholarship endowment:

Dickinson invests nearly $27 million in financial aid every year. Fully funded, this priority will allow the college to meet the financial need of about 115 students per year. This represents nearly 10 percent of those students currently receiving scholarships from Dickinson. Further, these gifts will provide capital to help meet our diversity and international-student objectives. An increase in scholarship endowment also alleviates the pressure placed on the college’s annual operating budget to fund scholarships.

Impact of providing $46 million to faculty programs:

When fully funded, our 20 new faculty positions will reflect the changing nature of higher education. The increasing integration of disciplines has led to the creation of new fields. Health studies and neuroscience are a couple of examples. Funding several positions that address new knowledge will be a top priority. Student-faculty research, field study, workshop science and team projects have made the traditional lecture experience that many of us remember just one element of learning today. More faculty members are required to meet the growing demand for innovative academic experiences. This growth will place Dickinson among the most original, academically and curricularly, of any liberal-arts college in the country.

Impact of providing $30 million to the construction of a new science complex:

With the completion of the new Rector Science Campus and the renovation of Althouse and Dana halls, combined with Tome Scientific Hall, the college will have created a defining model of undergraduate study and research for the 21st century, one that compares favorably with any liberal-arts college in the country. The interdisciplinarity of the curriculum, including biochemistry, molecular biology, neuroscience, bioinformatics and nanoscience, combines with Dickinson’s active pedagogy and engaged inquiry between faculty and students to make the college’s curriculum and academic experience one of the most imaginative and innovative in the country.

Transformation is defined as a process of changing radically. First in America: Fulfilling our Destiny is about radically changing our aspirations for the college; it’s about what each of us can do to advance this ambitious agenda, working together to fulfill the vision of a founding father for higher education in a new nation. With this campaign, our community will set Dickinson College on its course toward sustained excellence.


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