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Volume 84 • Number 3
Winter 2007

Sustainability Quest
From the Editor
By Sherri Kimmel

Soon after the fall magazine hit the streets a reader chastised me for writing a column about the redesign of the magazine that discussed the new fonts but not the recycled content of our paper. Considering that we produced an issue last spring about campus sustainability efforts, this was an omission on my part. So I am going on the record: 2006 was the year of the redesign, 2007 is the quest for greater paper sustainability.

Dickinson Magazine currently is printed on a paper stock that contains 10 percent postconsumer recycled fiber. Postconsumer materials are products that would otherwise end up in a landfill or incinerator, according to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). “Buying paper with postconsumer recycled content achieves direct reductions in wood, water and total energy use, releases of pollutants during manufacturing and solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions from paper decomposing in landfills,”  according to a paper produced by the EDF.

I am happy to report that NewPage, the company that provides our current paper, 60-pound Sterling Ultra dull, has a long track record of environmental sustainability, working to minimize its impact on the environment and ensuring the sustainability of its manufacturing operations.

Currently, I am working with our designer, a paper representative and our printer (an active in-plant recycler that uses soy inks) to locate a high-quality paper that maximizes recycled content, minimizes bleaching of the pulp, comes from a mill that practices sustainability and is affordable. Finding a paper with a greater recycled content in a coated paper stock (used in high-end publications such as magazines) is a challenge but one we are dedicated to pursuing.

Now a word about our new design. As you can see, we have received a boatload of letters to the editor. We also had a generous response to the short, unscientific survey we attached to the November Alumni E-News. Overwhelmingly, those who filled out the survey prefer the new color, versus the old black-and-white, magazine. On a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (superior), our readers rated the magazine in the 4’s for quality of the cover, writing, photography, paper stock and design.

I hope you enjoy the current issue that introduces Dickinson’s capital campaign with stories illuminating some of the initiatives—faculty development, represented by three stellar professors, and student scholarships, illustrated by four of today’s outstanding recipients.

I look forward to future dialogue with you, loyal readers.


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