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Volume 83 • Number 1
Summer 2005

Hot Wheels: Alexander the Great
By Alice Bisbee ’77
This is my first car, Alexander Beetle, a 1958 (?) VW bug bought while I was a sophomore living in Biddle (visible to the left in the photo). Roger Harris ’77 drove me to the car lot in his bug. No salespeople were around, so Roger and I blithely started taking the car apart to check out the brakes and such, until we were interrupted by the cops who had been called by the dealer who was watching from across the street. Luckily “our” dealer arrived back from his lunch break, and Roger and I weren’t hauled off to jail.

Other than fiberglassing the floor under the driver’s seat so that I wouldn’t be splashed when driving over puddles, I did all the work on that car myself ... valve jobs, tune-ups, etc., until one sad day on a dirt road up in Vermont when poor Alexander’s fuel line broke in the engine compartment, and he went up in flames.

My second car, a baby-blue ’67 bug, I bought with the certainty that it would have the same karma as Alexander. No such luck. A baby-blue lemon without soul. I have never found a car the equal of Alexander, and I have stopped searching.
Alice Bisbee ’77
Hull, Mass.


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