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Volume 83 • Number 1
Summer 2005

Hot Wheels: Song of the Skylark
By Galen McGovern ’87
You never forget your first love; I’ll never forget my first car. It wasn’t pretty. But I loved that car. Its color—rust brown. Its size—behemoth. Make/model—’72 Buick Skylark. My love had nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with freedom.

I remember driving up and down hill, through the apple orchards around Dillsburg, on my way back to Maryland. I was flying really, with the stereo pounding JT or CCR or some other band I loved. I barely drove
the car in Carlisle, but classmates may remember it parked by the side of the road on Louther or College streets. Or that when I opened the trunk, you could see right through to the ground.

That car turns up in dreams still—garaged and perfect in every way. I even tried to write about it in Robert Olmstead’s poetry class. That car carried me to student teaching at Boiling Springs High School and around the block a few times with the souped-up muscle cars. It carried me west on the turnpike to some great weekend parties in Bedford, Pa. You’d turn left at the wooden cow and be on your way.

My memories are tied to that car, memories like no other. And yes, I got caught speeding a couple of times.
Galen McGovern ’87
Kingston, R.I.


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