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Volume 83 • Number 1
Summer 2005

Hot Wheels: Model-A Memories
By F. Scott Greenfield ’64
On Christmas morning 1957, the presents had been exchanged and opened. My father asked my mother to ride with him to his business in town (highly unusual) while I watched my younger brother and sister. When my parents returned up the driveway, there was not only the family Buick but an amazing, noisy sight. Rumbling in the drive with a huge red ribbon over the hood was the best Christmas present ever, a shiny, black Model A Tudor sedan that my father had bartered for with scrap metal and cash. The wonderful presents under the beautiful tree and the sumptuous Christmas dinner faded in importance as I took family, friends and neighbors on introductory excursions.

I drove that wonderful machine through the last of my teenage years. In high school I began restoring it, learning about auto repair from my grandfather. The old “A” and I did lots of scary things together.

In 1962, I left Dickinson for the Navy, and the car was sold. Ten years later, I was on a sales trip driving Route 30 through Fraser, Pa., when I saw my car for sale. I made the error of telling the seller that this had been my car, and he promptly quoted me $950, a price at which I balked. I checked with my family to see if that was an inflated price. They responded that they had been quoted $1,200. My brother finally found the owner who had consigned the car, and I bought her back for $695, only to sell her again 10 years later for $2,500.

I miss that old girl and may look for her again.
F. Scott Greenfield ’64
West Grove, Pa.


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