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Volume 83 • Number 1
Summer 2005

Hot Wheels: Day Tripping with The Hippo
By Karen N. Pflug-Felder ’71
She was big, gray and had a huge set of chrome teeth, so I called her The Hippo. She was my first car, a $150 bargain “driven only to church on Sundays by a minister.”

In those days—days of “real steel”—cars were so big and powerful that she frequently transported eight of our starting hockey players to games. Unfortunately, that stopped when the usually faithful Hippo broke down on the way to a tournament at Millersville. We wound up hitchhiking to the tournament and missed the first two games!

The Hippo, a 1953 DeSoto Firedome V-8, also was used as a “party car” for gatherings at Opossum Lake. Because eight people could fit into the seats and another two or three in the trunk, she would go to the drive-in movies on dollar-a-car nights. She also was used as a moving van for road rallies and as transportation for my student teaching.

The Hippo was an important part of my Dickinson life. In fact, she was so important to me that I still own her. She has been restored once and is waiting for me to retire so that I can work on her second restoration.
Karen N. Pflug-Felder ’71
Collegeville, Pa.


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