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Volume 86 • Number 4
Spring 2009

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Sherri Kimmel, Senior Editor

Lauren Davidson, Assistant Editor

Matt Getty, Contributing Writer

Michelle Simmons, Contributing Writer

A Pound of Prevention
Early intervention may be the Rx that cures the nation’s health-care woes.
Delaying the Inevitable
Robert Arking ’58’s study of aging yields tips for prolonging one’s health span.
Party with a Purpose
Philanthropic young alumni join forces in Philadelphia to fight cancer.
A Place Called Home
Jack Gardner ’59 helps the mentally ill find companionship, renewed purpose.
Intensive Care
Aspiring doctor Treasure Walker ’04 finds there’s much more to being a physician than prescribing pills.
The Crossover Kid
Matt Manganaro ’09 is on the ball in the lab and on the playing field.
A Family Affair
Son’s cancer leads Diana and Lou Ulman ’67 to offer support to other young adults.
From the Editor
Cutting costs not quality
From These Grounds
President’s Letter
Recruitment News
Challenging times and change
Campus News
Author Vargas Llosa provokes, inspires
Campus News
Antonio Banderas stages a comeback to Carlisle
Student Stories
Investing with a conscience
Development News
Health-care frustrations lead Fleegler ’73 to establish scholarship fund
Alumni News
A Light Shines in Zimbabwe / Public Service Rewarded
The Last Word
Defying ‘fragilitis’

Web Exclusives
Keeping Up with ‘Dr. Flo’
Argentinean student Florencia Kantt ’11 crafts a creative path to medical school
In the Grain
Cooper Morris ’08 lends a hand in the great American wheat harvest
Creative Coalitions
Jessica Leu Hoy ’04 helps make ‘Pollywood’ Happen
In Memoriam: Dr. Whitfield Bell ’35
Read Whit Bell ’35’s obituary and listen to excerpts from an oral history in which he was featured
In Memoriam: Nathaniel Kirkland ’11
Read Nate Kirkland ’11’s obituary and tributes from two Dickinson community members
Video Feature: Crossover Conversation
Watch a video of “crossover kid” Matt Manganaro ’09 discussing how his experiences in the lab and on the football field have helped prepare him for a medical career
Some Keys to Living Longer:
A Q&A with Robert Arking ’58

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Alumni Wedding Photo Gallery

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