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Volume 87 • Number 1
Summer 2009

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Sherri Kimmel, Senior Editor

Lauren Davidson, Assistant Editor

Matt Getty, Contributing Writer

Michelle Simmons, Contributing Writer

Capturing Time
Charles Isaacs '73 mines photography's decisive moments.
Deciphering the Dance
Ryan Koons ’10 opens a musical window into American Indian culture.
Oscar Goes German
Students learn to Relax with their "gold gnome"-winning film.
Together Again ... Naturally
Pierce Bounds '71, Kim Banister '74 and Charlie Berger '72 reunite on campus for art's sake.
Ready for Prime Time
CNN's Christiane Amanpour exhorts graduates to recognize "the world of impressive opportunities" awaiting them.
Dual Vantage
French and American photographers train their lenses on Dickinson's campus and a Toulouse bank.
Will Work for Food
Whether pumping gas, covering a murder or canvassing for a Kennedy, early jobs for Dickinsonians were memorable.
From the Editor
Face(book)ing the Future
From These Grounds
President's Letter
Advancement Perspective
Moving Ahead with a New Model
Campus News
Never too Late to Learn
Student Stories
A Crowd-pleasing Final Focus
Advancement News
Sylvia Smith ’73 Opens Eyes With Visiting Artist Fund.
The Last Word
Putting Chanel on Layaway

Web Exclusives
Now the Lost are Found
Three mid-May Apache ceremonies of blessing were more than a century in the making.
To Bob
International students recruited to attend Dickinson by outgoing Vice President Robert J. Massa express their gratitude.
Through the Lens
Read Phillip Earenfight’s essay on The Trout Gallery’s photo collection and Kristen Rudy ’09’s on photographer Kristin Capp.
Faculty Retirement Citations
Tributes to David Kranz and Lance Landauer, read at the final faculty meeting of the 2008-09 academic year, celebrate their many years of achievement.
Back in the Day
See photos of Carlisle and the campus from the 1970s by former college photographer Charles Isaacs ’73.
Deciphering the Dance Audio Slideshow
View an audio slideshow with Ryan Koons ’10’s commentary on his photos of the Harvest Busk.
Together Again
See more photos from the Alumni Weekend exhibit by a trio of artistic friends, Kim Banister ’74, Charlie Berger ’72 and A. Pierce Bounds ’71.
Dual Vantage Slideshow
Check out more photos of the campus and a Toulouse bank and its employees from the exhibition by Andrew Bale and Philippe Brault.
Tales of the Hunt
Four newly minted Dickinsonians tell how they shaped their job searches during this trying economic time.
The 10th Cogan
See a story about the spring visit and poetry reading by Cogan Fellow Susan Stewart ’73.
Setting Up Bruce
Read about the incredible experience Robert J. Rosen ’84 and wife Benette had when they volunteered to help set up the stage for Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl halftime show in February.
Supporting Art Studies Video
Students discuss the impact of the Sylvia J. Smith ’73 Visiting Artists Fund.

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