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Fall 2009

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Volume 87 • Number 2
Fall 2009

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Sherri Kimmel, Senior Editor

Lauren Davidson, Assistant Editor

Matt Getty, Contributing Writer

Michelle Simmons, Contributing Writer

Moments in Motion
A panel of sports experts tags the top 10 achievements in Dickinson sports history.
A Rivalry’s Roots
A Gettysburg professor and a Dickinson sports historian compare notes on long-standing football foes.
Ring Leaders
Former teammates boot their way into the Steelers' and Chiefs' headquarters.
Quite a Racket
Sports-management executive Kelly Wolf '82 works the court for men's tennis pros.
Batter Up
Jeff Kingston '99 scores as a major-league baseball executive.
A Checkered Past
Since their college days, Richard '75 and Catherine Friend White '78 always have been on board.
Captain Courageous
Professor Michael Poulton succumbs to the lure of the sea.
Cancer by the Numbers
Students and professors mix math and biology to take the measure of a deadly disease.
Bright Lights, Big Ramble
A march through England provides intellectual rigor and plenty of blisters.
From These Grounds
President's Letter
Provost's Perspective
Accentuating the Positive
Campus News
Traffic changes ahead
Campus News
New Greek organizations advance diversity
Advancement News
Important Rush portrait finds new home at Dickinson
The Last Word
Living the promise of engagement
Kizmahr Grell '09's Unexpected Opportunities

Web Exclusives
Viva Elvis
Showbiz vet Vincent Paterson '72 stages an acrobatic new production in Las Vegas.
Video Conversation with Patrice Johnson ’06
Patrice Johnson ’06 shares her memories of the 2004-05 Women’s Basketball Team’s historic run toward an NCAA-tournament bid.
Ring Leaders Slideshow
Mark Gorscak ’79 leads a VIP tour of the South Water Street headquarters of the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Bright Lights, Big Ramble Audio Slideshow
View snapshots and hear about the highlights from the 24-day, 200-mile, coast-to-coast hike through the English countryside.
Major League Genes
Now at the helm of the Baltimore Orioles, third-generation baseball exec. Andy MacPhail ’76 hopes to return the team to past glories.
Tribute to the Toilet and Much More
Erica Lally ’08 provides a November 2008 dispatch from Russia detailing the country’s reaction to President Obama’s election and the anniversary of a very special outhouse.
Moments in Motion Interactive Collage
Explore a collage featuring artifacts of Red Devil athletics, and learn more about Dickinson’s sports history and highlights.
Remembering the Big Game
Ben James ’34 and John “Milt” Davidson ’33 reminisce about Dickinson’s 1931 victory over Penn State.

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