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Volume 82 • Number 4
Spring 2005

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Sherri Kimmel, Senior Editor

Lauren Davidson, Assistant Editor

Matt Getty, Contributing Writer

Michelle Simmons, Contributing Writer

The Power of Teaching
The relationship between student and teacher is still paramount for success
RX for Education
Accountability and freedom to choose are key ingredients for an effective remedy
Building Smarter Boards
Education reform could be enhanced by tending to citizen
Choice Challenged
Universal preschool is a ready remedy for barriers to equity and access
Evaluating ‘No Child’
A classroom teacher struggles to balance test success with
In a Fix
Are Public Schools Really Broken?
Truth in Balance
Placing 9/11 in an accurate historical context
Breaking New Ground
Geology’s Edwards has an explosive teaching style
A United Front
Meet Barry Lynn ’70, the guy fundamentalists love to hate
Beyond ‘Rain Man’
Alumna’s new school will alleviate autism’s effects
The Right Frequency
Harlem-honed teachings have found an audience on NPR
Jeffries’ Journeys
Emeritus professor’s research reaches out to the world
Bruce Andrews—gentleman, gentle man

Weigh In
For the spring 2005 Dickinson Magazine, four alumni and two professors examined the issues and advanced ways to reform public education. Their strategies ranged from fostering greater choice to strengthening the role of school boards to adopting universal preschool. Read the articles and then share your opinions.
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