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Volume 83 • Number 2
Fall 2005

Fall 2005 Alumni Weddings
Sarah Devlin 1996 - Dennis Devine

Sarah Devlin ’96 and Dennis Devine were married in September 2003. In the front row, from left, are: Jenny Lund Carpenter ’96, Amy Shepardson ’96, Lori Spear, Erin Campanella, the bride and groom, Georgia Greene, Kathy Clawson Lynch ’96, Maureen Needham Delong ’96, Nicole Rath Giroux ’96 and Susan Weiss Nester ’96. Back row: Charlie Dixon, Greg Greene, Michael Callahan, Janne Kouri, John Devlin ’90, Chris Jacobs, Donald Devine, Ryan Zanetich, John Murray, David Devlin and Trip Wolfe. Other Dickinsonians in attendance were: Amy Antos ’97, Reed Bonner ’95, Jon Carpenter ’98, Josh Delong ’97, Elizabeth Moriarty Devlin ’92, Dan Kim ’94, Dan Nester ’97, Elizabeth Margolis Ruddy ’97, Jessica Morris Thorne ’97 and Dray Cafaro Zanetich ’98.
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