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Volume 83 • Number 3
Winter 2006

Winter 2006 Alumni Weddings
Jonathan Polgar 1992 - Jennifer Dorfield 1992

Jonathan Polgar ’92 and Jennifer Dorfield ’92 were married on June 4. Dickinsonians attending the wedding included Darby MacKenzie Line ’72, Mindy Borisoff ’91, Ashley Smith ’92, Sharon Neubauer ’92 and Emily Cox ’90. With them in spirit but unable to attend were Maureen Batdorf Barnes ’93, Lori Penkin Eckel ’92, Greg Eckel ’92 and Elizabeth Webber Malmsheimer ’93. Jonathan, Jennifer, Ashley and Sharon also took advantage of the opportunity to recreate a photo taken during their freshman year. (See the winter issue of Dickinson Magazine, page 51.)
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