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The Web Migration Tool provides CMS content owners with a set of tools for managing their site migration. Currently, the Tool provides inventory support to allow content owners to determine what content to move, and how much help they should need in moving.
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Migration Raffle
Each page that you migrate earns you an entry in the monthly Migration Raffle. You only need to keep track of your work in the Migration Tool to be entered. Raffle entries through the last day of the month will count toward the drawing.
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The Web Migration Tool that LIS built almost made it fun.
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September 2013

Project Update

The college is up to 1,850 pages in the Jadu CMS including standard pages, news pages and galleries. We've contacted each office/department requesting feedback on landing page (department homepage) text and photography. Marketing and Communications will be building the landing pages in October based on the information received.

We had two Jadu Basic Training sessions during September. Ninety-five percent (95%) of departments have attended training. There will be two more training sessions in October that focus on learning the basic functionality for migrating pages including formatting a page, making links to other sites and files, and adding photos. Starting in November, training will shift from a migration focus to maintaining existing pages and developing new pages.

The Jadu vendor is currently building the design templates for our CMS. We will start seeing our new design instead of the vanilla template in mid-October. We have also stared to build the elements within Jadu that will be used to create the pages with dynamic content such as the faculty lists by department, academic bulletin and dining menus.

August 2013

Project Update

Web page migration continues. By the end of August, the college as a whole was at 48% complete with migration. Ninety percent (90%) of administrative offices and academic departments attended Jadu Basic training. Also, we completed meeting with departments to assist with migration planning. Content editors should continue to email MigrationSupport@dickinson.edu for any questions about using the CMS, general migration inquiries and requests for embedding videos or getting help with complex pages.

Our design partner, 160over90, is nearly complete with building the code framework for the design. This will be handed-off to Jadu consultant team next month to build and integrate the templates into our CMS.

July 2013

Project Update

By the end of July, the college as a whole migrated over 1,300 web pages into the Jadu CMS. Academic departments and admisitrative offices are contiuing to attend Jadu Basic Training in order to have their pages migrated by our target date of November 4th. Three more training sessions were held this month and we made some additions to the How To Videos on the LIS online tutorials website (http://lis.dickinson.edu/technology/training/tutorials/jadu/faqs.html) for editors that recieved training and would like a quick reminder of how to perform specifc actions in jadu.

We are continuing to meet with departments to review inventory results and migration plan options. We've talked to 85% of the departments and plan to finish all meetings next month.

The styled mock-ups for the new website design were delivered this month and were reviewed by Web Advisory Committee members. With the finalization of the mock-ups, 160over90 will begin writing the HTML code as a first step in the actual development of the web page templates.

June 2013

Project Update

The content migration is making headway this month with over 740 pages in the new CMS, including basic department web pages, galleries, and news pages. Nearly 80 Content Editors have received basic Jadu training. Three training sessions were held this month and several editors stopped by the Friday morning migration workshops to get answers to questions and work on pages in a quiet environment with technical/functional assistance at hand.

In June we also began meeting with departments to review inventory results and migration plan options, and to discuss phased development and enhancement of departmental landing pages. Departments with higher page counts were scheduled early on in this process and to-date, nearly 70% of departments have participated. Meetings will continue through the summer.

Lastly, our design partner, 160over90, delivered the site wireframes for initial review by the Web Advisory Committee. The wireframes function as a schematic or blueprint of the page layouts and navigation, and provide insight into behaviors of elements on a page and relationships between pages. The next step is the development of design mock-ups that visually represent how the website will look when complete.

May 2013

Project Update

The pilot came to a close and participants provided feedback on the work flow for migration, areas to focus on during training, and general impressions and observations of the process and software. Outside of the number of page elements (e.g. images, links, tables), the biggest impacts to increased time per page included:

  • Learning curve for first few pages,
  • Being interrupted while migrating and needing to re-focus on where the editor left off, and
  • Working on re-designing or modifying content on a page while in the process of migrating.

Based on the feedback from the pilot participants, the technical team worked on refinement of the training approach and materials, and collaborated with the vendor to fine-tune the migration work flow. Registration for Jadu Content Management System Basic Training was opened in CLIQ. The 3-hour, hands-on session is offered twice a month with the first session on May 30th. For more details on what is covered in the session and how to register visit our training page.

We are currently scheduling meetings with departments to map out individualized migration plans. The goal is to assist each department with creating a timeline for training and migration based on the data we collected from the inventory, what was learned in the pilot, and staff availability. These meetings will also start the discussion on plans for your landing page.

April 2013

Project Update

The content migration pilot project began mid-April as a practical exercise to test the migration approach and software configuration in a controlled manner prior to rolling out the migration activities to the broader community. Our volunteers (from five academic departments) attended the first Jadu Basic Training session and began creating their web pages in the new CMS, gaining experience with copy/pasting content, creating multi-section pages, and adding metadata, links, documents and images. Time spent per page was also recorded to assist with developing level of effort estimates based on page characteristics collected in the inventory.

Additionally, departments wrapped up their page inventories by the end of April. Over 25% of the inventoried web pages were identified as "Do Not to Migrate" (not including Dickinson News and Events pages).

March 2013

Project Update

The Pre-migration phase of the project began early March and runs through the end of April. A primary objective in this phase is to get the College community ready for migrating content. The project's Core Team led a series of meetings and open information sessions to discuss the website redesign and CMS transition. Following these discussions, academic and administrative departments began working on site inventories to identify inaccurate, outdated or redundant data that should not be moved into the new CMS, and to catalog the type and amount of content that is currently housed in Ektron. Visit the migration status page to view the current status of the inventory and percent complete by department. Starting in May, this information will be used by the Core Team to develop individual migration plans with each department.

On the technical side, a development and production environments for Jadu are up and ready and the Jadu Control Center has been integrated with single sign-on capabilities.