Dickinson Web Migration
Dickinson Web Migration
Dickinson Web Migration
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The Web Migration Tool

The Web Migration Tool provides CMS content owners with a set of tools for managing their site migration. Currently, the Tool provides inventory support to allow content owners to determine what content to move, and how much help they should need in moving.
Project Overview

Why a Site Redesign?

Our current design does not meet our needs.

We've done the analytics, and we know that individuals can't find what they are looking for and exit our site too quickly.

Beyond the navigation issue, Dickinson's visual identity has changed since the launch of our current Web design in 2009. The Dickinson wordmark, which replaced the compass rose as our primary logo, clearly and simply reflects the college's place among the nation's leading liberal-arts institutions. Our Web site is the primary vehicle in this overall marketing strategy. We want to explore new ways to display content that will both serve the interests of our internal audience while dynamically presenting Dickinson's unique narrative to the external world.

We need to be visually responsive.

An increasing number of our site visitors are using some type of mobile device (smart phones, tablets, etc). A responsive redesign will automatically reconfigure the information we provide to any screen size, so that users will always have an optimized experience regardless of viewing device.

Responsive Design

A bit more about responsive design.

See responsive design principles in action: Check out the Web site of Notre Dame or William & Mary on your desktop or laptop computer and then contract and expand the width of your browser window. You'll actually see the content elements move around to fit the changing dimensions.

We need to be accessible to those with disabilities.

In keeping with the college's mission, our site cannot exclude any individuals or groups. Our new design will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but we also want it to encourage CMS editors to incorporate accessibility into their content as a general principle.