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Dickinson Web Migration
Dickinson Web Migration
Migration Tool

The Web Migration Tool

The Web Migration Tool provides CMS content owners with a set of tools for managing their site migration. Currently, the Tool provides inventory support to allow content owners to determine what content to move, and how much help they should need in moving.

The project team is planning on hosting a number of training opportunities as the campus moves through the website migration project. The training will be geared to a range of audiences and timed to our phase in the migration. Below are descriptions of the training opportunities currently in planning. The first, Jadu Basic Training, will begin in May.

Jadu Basic Training

Audience: Webpage editors, webpage approvers, & personnel assisting with migrating content
Prerequisite: None
Registration: Register though CLIQ
Description: This training session provides instruction on content migration and management using the Jadu CMS. Participants will gain hands-on experience using the most common features of the CMS for creating and editing basic pages, as well as, learning the college's writing guidelines and standards for metadata. Training will focus on how to migrate various content elements such as headers, text, tables, and links from the current CMS to Jadu. Preview the training agenda.

Key topics include:
  • Navigation categories
  • Adding metadata to improve searches
  • Preparing content for migration
  • Creating basic pages
  • Migrating and formatting text
  • Creating links to sites and files
  • Uploading images
  • Submitting and approving pages.

Jadu Refresher Training

Audience: Web page editors & web page approvers
Prerequisite: Jadu Basic Training
Registration: Register though CLIQ (will be posted in November)
Description: The purpose of this training session is to help recall and reinforce the skills learned in the Jadu Basic Training course and is specifically geared towards Jadu users that had basic training early on, and would like a refresher during the new website 'go live' phase. Focus will be on creating basic pages, using the Jadu text editor, and adding links, files and images to pages.

Jadu Advanced Training

Audience: Web page editors
Prerequisite: Jadu Basic Training
Registration: TBD
Description: Advanced training will be available to editors that would like to take advantage of more complex functionality within the Jadu CMS, such as blogs, polls, supplement pages, etc. Topics will be announced through Cliq as the migration project progresses.

Migration Training

Sign Up for Training

Sign-up for all training courses will take place through CLIQ. To sign up, log in to The Gateway and look for the CLIQ icon in the upper right of the screen. Once in CLIQ, click on the 'Events' link in the upper right to enter the Event Registration panel. You can search for training sessions from this screen.