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Dickinson Parent Featured on Cover of Newsweek
July 5, 2004

Newsweek Cover

Lt. General David Petraeus, father of Anne '04, commanded the 101st Airborne Division when it occupied northern Iraq in the aftermath of the Iraq War. His efforts in rebuilding the area and fighting insurgents were considered to be a success. Now he has returned to Iraq to direct the training of police and security forces for the new government.

Petraeus's new role has received a great deal of attention. Dozens of newspaper and magazine articles have appeared in the past month focusing on the challenges that face him, and a recent issue of Newsweek featured him on the cover. The article inside was titled "Iraq's Repairman."

Before he returned to Iraq, General Petraeus managed to visit Dickinson College in May for an important event. As the parent of a graduating senior, he came to campus for his daughter's graduation.

On Saturday, May 22, Petraeus was the speaker at the ROTC commissioning ceremony in Rubendall Recital Hall. As the commissioning officer, he also administered the oath to the five Dickinson students.

General Petraeus

On Sunday he watched his daughter Anne receive her B.A. degree. The diploma was presented by his wife Hollister Knowlton Petraeus '74.

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