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The Luce Semester
November 2005

More photos from the Luce Semester trip to coastal Louisiana.
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Photos by Luce Semester students.
On thebeach


Above: bottlenose dolphins swim in the wake of a research vessel in Terrebonne Bay.

During the second week of the trip, the class stayed at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) Marine Center in Cocodrie, 85 miles southwest of New Orleans

Mr. Charlie training station

Above: the group visited Mr. Charlie, a training station for off-shore oil drilling and rigging.

Right: scenes of devastation from Hurricane Katrina included this refrigerator thrown into a tree.

Refrigerator in a tree
Shrimp boat

Chemical plants

Blue Moon
Above: the class at the Blue Moon hostel in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Top left: a butterfly shrimp boat.

Left: the river stretch between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is home to many chemical plants.

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