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Dickinson Abuzz in the News

Dickinson CollegeDickinson College is a growing force in the news.

Dickinson is featured among the nation’s top colleges and universities, according to appearances in the global print and electronic outlets, including blogs and social media such as Twitter, according to Global Language Monitor (GLM).

“This year we’ve witnessed the impact the global financial restructuring has had upon the U.S. higher education system,” said Paul J.J. Payack, president and chief word analyst at GLM. “On the University level there has been a small but dramatic reordering of the hierarchy, which has remained virtually unshaken for many years. However, liberal-arts colleges, the public ivies and engineering-focused schools appear to have held onto, or actually increased their brand equity.”

Other top colleges and universities featured with Dickinson by GLM include Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University, Princeton University, Yale University, Wellesley College, Amherst College, Middlebury College, Vassar College, Bowdoin College, Bryn Mawr College and Barnard College.

Austin-Texas-based GLM analyzes and catalogues the latest trends in word usage and word choices.