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neil Weissman on Minn. Public Radio

Neil WeissmanProvost and Dean Neil Weissman was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio about the three-year degree and what important educational aspects are lost without a fourth year of undergraduate learning.

The issue: U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander proposed that a three-year undergraduate track would save money for students, universities and the U.S. government alike, but critics are concerned that shortening college will limit exploration and leave no room for error.

The interview: Weissman emphasized that a truncated educational program could yield truncated knowledge in critically important areas such as global perspective, interdisciplinary work and creativity. Students would be pressured to decide on a major immediately and would have fewer options to explore knowledge or change direction.

Listen to Kerri Miller, host of Minnesota Public Radio's "Midmorning and Talking Volumes," interview Dean Neil Weissman and Margaret Drugovich, president of Hartwick College.