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Global Gastronomy Group's first event
September 15, 2009

French Cooking
The Global Gastronomy Group's international-cooking lab teaches students about other cultures while helping former study-abroad students readjust to American life.

What do returning study-abroad students and international students miss most about their former lives overseas? Typically, it’s the cuisine.

The new Global Gastronomy Group helps these students adjust to American life by celebrating their favorite international foods.

Catherine Beaudry, associate professor of French & Italian, kicked off the group's weekly cooking labs with French cooking lessons—much to the delight of students who had studied in Toulouse.

She taught approximately 40 students to create ratatouille, using supplies and ingredients provided by Dining Services and fresh produce straight from the Dickinson College Farm.

"Our motto is 'grow locally, cook globally,' " Beaudry said.

The group benefits participants and the wider community by bringing students together to share what they know about other cultures. It is also a good deal of fun. And, Beaudry notes, it generates delicious lunch-time fare.

"[The first cooking lab] was 'un succès fou,' as my mother used to say when she pulled a soufflé out of the oven," she said.

In the next Global Gastronomy Group event, held Tuesday, September 29, Gabriela Uassouf '10 will teach fellow students how to prepare empanadas con queso, a cheesy treat that is popular in her native Argentina.

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French Cooking
Associate Professor of French & Italian Catherine Beaudry demonstrates proper slicing techniques.

French Cooking
Students used fresh, local produce from the Dickinson College Farm.

French Cooking
The Global Gastronomy Group brings students together to celebrate global cultures. "It's a culinary encounter of the best kind," says Beaudry, who founded the group. Above, students participate in the group's first event.

French Cooking
Matt Morowitz '11 chops fresh eggplant, a critical ingredient in ratatouille.

French Cooking
Sean Galiczynski '12 (second from left) watches as Beaudry (foreground) gives an overview of the day's ingredients. The kitchen lab allows students to teach each other how to create the comfort foods they miss from overseas.

Text by MaryAlice Bitts
Photos by A. Pierce Bounds '71