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Dickinson College Retired Faculty and Administrators

The Retired Professionals of Dickinson College was formed in the fall of 2000, and evolved quickly into an active organization with several aims:

  1. To help enhance the visibility of the College by publicizing the activities of its members;
  2. To provide means of communication between alumni and retirees;
  3. To provide opportunities for social interchange among its members;
  4. To provide opportunities for the sharing of intellectual interests through discussion groups, lectures, and possibly mini-courses;
  5. To assure that current information about the College is shared with the members; and
  6. To provide a forum for retirees to discuss with college officials current college policies and practices based on a longer historical perspective than that of current Dickinsonians.

This web site is one source of information about retirees and their activities. We will try to keep it updated, based on information shared with us. We hope that alumni and others feel free to contact retirees; you may be surprised (and possibly chagrined!) to find that they remember you!

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