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If you are interested in receiving regular updates on Red Devils' athletics, there is a simple sign-up procedure. Just follow the directions and you'll be on the list in no time! Each evening following a Dickinson College athletic event, you will receive scores and information. In addition, you will also receive the Sports Information Office press releases which are distributed to the media. The e-mail list covers all Dickinson sports and can not be split into individual sports.

To become a part of the growing Red Devils' E-mail Hotline, you will need to make a one-time subscription to the list. To do this, from the e-mail account to which you wish your updates to be delivered, after you read the following directions, send an e-mail message to this address by clicking on it:

Please leave the subject line blank. (If your e-mail program requires a subject line, use a "." on the subject line and it should work.

In the body of the message, send only this command:

subscribe dsonsports-l your name (replacing "your name" with your first and last name)


- Be sure to use a lower case letter "L" instead of the numeral "one" after dsonsports-

- Be sure to put one space between each word.

- Remember to use your actual name, not your e-mail address.

After you send the message, you should receive a return message confirming your subscription and giving you the details on how to remove your name from the mailing list, etc. *Be sure you keep the confirmation message*. It includes important reference information you may need in the future.

Thanks again for your interest in Dickinson College athletics.

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