Stormwater Resources

Borough of Carlisle - A historic township in Southern Pennsylvania that works hard to keep Carlisle beautiful and an enjoyable place to live.

Letort Regional Authority (LRA) - A municipal authority that works on stream health and quality in the Letort Spring Run watershed.

Cumberland Valley Trout Unlimited (CVTU) - A group working to preserve and improve water quality for fish.

Carlisle High School - Students in the broadcasting classes at Carlisle High School are doing their part to raise stormwater awareness in their school.  As part of their year-long stormwater campaign, the students are creating 30-second public service announcements that air during the morning announcements.  These videos cover the sources of stormwater pollutants and their impact on the Letort, and encourage best management practices geared towards high school students (i.e. checking your car for oil leaks, littering in the storm drains).

Water Resource Education Network (WREN) - A collaboration with organizations and officials striving to protect Pennsylvania's water resources with education and policy.