Dickinson College Farm
the dirt '08

(Im)maculate conception

Rachel Winner '09

Bare feet connect me to the earth.

This morning's lecture on deforestation in the Amazon

the piles of books on religious violence teetering on the corner of the desk

beneath my dark green mug waiting impatiently to be filled with steaming coffee for a long evening

and the graphs and charts of simulative monetary policy from last night's homework

all dissipate as I step from the truck and the sun beats into my back

Swirling specks of the land stick to my eyelashes

Like rose colored glasses.

The smells of sweet grass, and raw brown age and youth spiral by

trap me in nostalgia for this moment.

The world stops spinning out of control

and I cradle the next generation of life in my palm

place the seed deep into the soil's womb to protect it from the chaos for just a few months more.

I let my whole body sink down into the loamy earth, mingling with the hay and clods

And watch it all drift by for a time  

The silence breaks subtly as the sheep bleat off in the distance, persuading me to continue with my task.

We smooth over the soil

And water swirls over the plots of freshly impregnated earth

A soft shade of rust fills in the crevices of my fingerprints

We are connected - my identity and hers.

My hope. Her future.