Dickinson College Farm
the dirt '08

"The Things We Grow"

By Allie Schaefer '10


I don't know where life will lead me

But I'm glad I've found my way here.

With the wind and the sun and sometimes, the rain,

I can feel the child within me-

The girl who played in fields and forests and mud.

Carefree and happy, she was a part of nature.


Here, I can be that girl again.

When I plant a seed in the earth,

When I help build a greenhouse,

When my hands become calloused and dirty-

I unite with the earth to help create something

And to help sustain life.


Here, on the farm,

I have found peace and happiness.

I continue to grow like the plants we care for.

Wherever life may lead me next,

I will always have a home here

And a part of my heart.


Here, on the farm,

I have discovered so much about myself.

I have learned that I must integrate

My childhood self with my adult one, and

That I can appreciate and contribute

To the beauty of nature.


Amidst a big grey barn, a humid greenhouse,

A noisy tractor, budding beds, bleating sheep,

The most loveable black-and-white farm dog,

And good friends-

I connect better to myself and to the world

When I'm at the farm.