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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

2009 Details & Applications

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture programs, also known as veggie co-ops, have been supplying families with fresh produce since the concept began in Japan back in the 1960s. Since then, many farmers have adopted this model to market their crops, build local economies and help shape communities around good food. The size, product variety, and mission of CSA farms vary, but the foundation of a CSA farm is built on a mutual agreement between farmer and consumer. With the financial support from members, the farmer pledges to grow a variety of produce that will be made available to members on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. If the season reaps a bountiful harvest, both farmer and member benefit from the surplus. Likewise, both farmer and member experience the ebb and flow of the season. Click here for the Dickinson CSA application.

What will the Dickinson Farm CSA be like?

This year the Dickinson Farm is gearing up for a great growing season! The farm is offering a 24 week CSA subscription to Dickinson faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Each week, members will receive a bountiful selection of fresh, seasonal, naturally grown produce harvested by students and farm staff at the Dickinson Farm in Boiling Springs. The 2009 CSA program will commence in mid-May and run until the last week in October. CSA members will have the opportunity to select from two CSA share sizes; regular and small. A regular share receives produce every week, while a small share will take place every other week.

CSA members can choose between either picking up their produce share at the farm and having their share delivered to them on campus (a delivery charge will apply). Members who pick up at the farm will make their own selections from pre-harvested seasonal produce, allowing maximum flexibility and satisfaction. Members with less time who decide to pick up on campus will receive a box of produce that is pre-packed that morning at the farm.

CSA pick-up at the farm will take place on Tuesdays from noon to 6pm.
CSA pick-up on campus will take place on Fridays from 11am to 2pm in the Kaufman Building.

During this 24 week program, members will receive freshly harvested in-season vegetables, fruits, and herbs that have been grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. The Dickinson College Farm is in its third year of transitioning into a USDA Certified Organic farm. Although we are not yet certified, the agricultural practices employed at the farm meet (and surpass) the standards set by the USDA Organic program. Our goal is to cultivate an agricultural environment that supports biodiversity, promotes sustainable land management practices, and grows healthy food for our farm community! Click here for the CSA application.

Additional Perks!

In addition to fresh produce each week, the farm CSA pick up will have additional items for sale. This includes local cheeses, eggs, yogurt, seasonal meats, and other delectable treats. For CSA members who do not pick up at the farm we will have yogurt, cheese and eggs for sale each week at our on-campus pick up location.

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The Dickinson College Farm will also have a selection of pick-your-own crops available to CSA members. In 2009, this will include culinary herbs and flowers! CSA members are encouraged to take advantage of these crops at no additional charge during farm business hours (M-F, 8am to 5pm). Additionally, the farm is a wonderful environment for an afternoon stroll or picnic. We encourage our CSA members to feel at home on the farm!

What is in Season & What to Expect

SPRING CROPS:  Spinach, salad mix, radishes, Asian greens, scallions, lettuce, peas, carrots, cabbage, and more!
SUMMER CROPS:  Most of the above plus tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, onions, melons, flowers, herbs, and more!
FALL CROPS:  A lot of the above plus garlic, winter squash, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, and fall root vegetables!

Now for the Details & Application Links!

Regular Share Size 5/19 – 10/30/2009 24 weeks $450 Add $25 delivery charge for campus delivery
Small Share Size 5/26 – 10/30/2009 12 weeks $225 Add $12 delivery charge for campus delivery

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Additional Offerings for Dickinson CSA Members Only!

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