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Independent Research Opportunities


Past Projects

The Student Garden and College Farm have frequently collaborated with students on indepentent research projects. Recent projects and experiments have addressed such issues as the success of broccoli and lettuce as companion plants (laboratory exercise by Prof. Hural), and the allelopathic effects of certain cover crops on the germination of food crops that follow them (student independent research by Christiana Briddell, top right). Research in sustainable cultivation techniques has become increasingly important as more and more farmers are making the switch to organic production. Test plots such as these may hopefully provide knowledge for the furthering of the sustainable agriculture movement.





Opportunities For Students

Starting in the fall of 2002, the garden will offer students a variety of academic internship and research opportunities for credit. 3 internships will be available in both the spring and fall semesters. 2 of these positions will focus on the management of an agricultural ecosystem from seed to harvest. Students will gain hands-on experience in small-scale market gardening techniques. The third position will focus on community outreach and education. Students will work with Project S.H.A.R.E., the Old Pomfret Street Farmers Market, local schools, after-school programs and more to establish links between the garden, agriculture and community. Finally, there will be an opportunity to intern at Broad Valley Orchard in Adams County during spring semesters. Here students will gain experience in small farming and homesteading. All internships will offer students credit for their degree while qualifying for the College's community service/experience requirement for graduation.

In addition to internships, interested students will have the opportunity to pursue independent research and study projects of their choice at the garden. Students will work with a faculty member and the Garden Director to set up, carry out, and report on a research project.

For further information about any of these opportunities, please contact Jen Halpin at halpinj@dickinson.edu.