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Spectrum Constitution (rev. 9 nov 2006)

Article I .......... Name of Organization

This organization shall be known by the name of Spectrum.

Article II .......... Affiliation

Spectrum is officially associated with Dickinson College and subject to all college policies and regulations.

Article III .......... Purpose and Goals

Section 1

Spectrum seeks to raise awareness of the specific concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students and other members of Dickinson College, Carlisle, and the greater community. Spectrum will plan and execute educational programs including but not limited to the maintenance of a functioning library.

Section 2

Spectrum is devoted to creating a safe and accepting atmosphere for all students on the Dickinson College campus. This goal will be pursued by planning social and informative activities for all members of the college community regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Section 3

Spectrum acknowledges that while LGBT students cover the political Spectrum from right to left there are some issues of concern to all of them as well as their friends and allies. Therefore, Spectrum is committed to political activism.

Section 4

Spectrum recognizes the need for community building and seeks to engage not only LGBT students but also their friends, supporters, colleagues, and allies on campus and off through open programming as well as community service and alumni engagement.

Article IV .......... Membership

Spectrum will not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, race, color, creed, gender, age, national origin, citizenship, political affiliation, veteran status, disability or any other personal characteristic. Therefore membership is enthusiastically open to any member of the Dickinson College Community who expresses a desire and commitment to eliminating homophobia, heterosexism, and related forms of oppression and creating an open, safe environment for all other members of the college community.

Article V .......... Officers and Advisors

Section 1

Spectrum will be headed by a panel of five to seven members, which will make up the Spectrum Executive Board. The board will be responsible for overseeing business of the organization and providing leadership to other members of the organization. Responsibilities will be fluid and depend on projects being pursued by the organization at a given point in time. The board is non-hierarchical and responsibilities of each position are flexible. 

Section 2

Election of the Board members shall occur within the last three weeks of the academic year or as vacancies arise. Candidates must submit statements of intent before the election, outlining why they would make an effective member of the Board. Statements are then compiled and sent to the email list, in order to allow all group members to vote, regardless of scheduling conflicts with meetings and abroad status.

Section 3

In the event that the majority of the Board  will not be at Dickinson the following semester for reasons including study abroad and graduation, the Board may appoint a first-year member of Spectrum to executive status, provided that student is willing and able to  serve in a leadership capacity in the future. This will allow the Board to ensure there are experienced group members capable of leading after their departure. Such appointments can be vetoed by a majority vote of the non-Board members.

Section 4

Any member of the Board or a coordinator may resign by providing written documentation to the organization e-mail account and the remaining coordinators and Board members.

Section 5

Spectrum wants to engage faculty, staff, and administration in its pursuits. Therefore, members of Spectrum will choose a member of either the faculty, staff, or administration of the college to serve as its advisor. This person must demonstrate a commitment to and passion for the goals of the organization as well as the organization itself.

Article VI .......... Business

Section 1

Business meetings of Spectrum will occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending upon the needs and preferences of the organization.

Section 2

Issues on which a vote is required (to be determined by the Board) shall be addressed with debate lasting until each concerned member has been given the opportunity to speak. Each member present at the meeting in which the vote takes place will be allowed one vote and coordinators will be allowed two. A majority vote is required to approve any decision taken in this manner.

Article VII .......... Recall

Section 1

Grounds to dismiss a coordinator or member of the Board are the following:

  • Failure to attend three club or executive business meetings in a given semester without proper excuse
  • Failure to attend to designated responsibilities in a manner deemed satisfactory
  • Abuses of power including but not limited to misuse of funds and inappropriate use to the e-mail account

Section 2

A motion to dismiss a member of the Board may be brought by any member of the club. Such a motion must be submitted in writing and presented orally at a meeting open to the full organization that will be led by an impartial member of the administration or faculty. Both bringer of the motion and the member is brought against will be given time to speak after which point the entire organization will be given the chance to respond.

Section 3

A Board member may be impeached provided that 2/3 of those present approve the motion in a roll call vote to be administered by the administrator or faculty member present.

Article VIII .......... Amendments

Amendments to this constitution may me made by calling a special meeting of the full membership at which time debate may take place. A roll call vote of all members present of that meeting will determine (by a 2/3 vote) whether or not the amendment is approved.

Article IX .......... Ratification

Ratification of this document will require the vote of 2/3 of the members present at a business meeting to be conducted by 13 November 2006.