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Sara Bookin-Weiner Directs this Year's Weiss Prize
   Kenzie Bryant

Once a year, a Dickinson College senior receives the Emil and Tamar R. Weiss Prize for the Creative Arts. It is a $1,000 grant to use creatively on a proposed project in the fine arts, theater, music, or creative writing and this year's recipient is the square's own Sara Bookin-Weiner. She has developed an experiential drama called Out of Order: The Eco-Theater Project which depicts a trial set in the future to explore....more

The 24 Hour Plays - 2008 Edition
   Jeremy Pesner

The 24 hour play is recently formed but staunch part of Mermaid Player tradition. It is a time for actors to let loose their inhibitions and act out crazy, zany ideas… which have just been put to paper the night before. And, somehow, it always seems to happen on Easter weekend.

The 24 hour play is not, as many people believe or joke, a play that lasts 24 hours, but rather a collection of shorts which are written in an evening and then acted out on stage a mere 24 hours later. The shorts are all based around a common theme...more

The Life You Longed For
   Book Review ~ Alyssa Coltrain

“Grace's son Jack is a miracle,” reads the jacket text of Maribeth Fischer's second novel, The Life You Longed For , which is true.

Main character Grace's son suffers from mitochondrial disease, a rare and only partially understood genetic disorder—a disorder which consumes Grace as she struggles to keep her son living.....more

A Conversation With Maribeth Fischer
   Interview ~ Alyssa Coltrain

I sat down with Maribeth Fischer, author of The Life You Longed For, to discuss her newest novel.

the square: Tell me about your latest book, The Life You Longed For .

Maribeth Fischer: It's about a mother who has a terminally ill child, and she does everything to advocate for that child. She has a medical background; she looks into absolutely everything....more

Sins in Real Time
   Game Review ~ Alexander Howard

In my excitement over the Spore release date and the future of gaming it represents, I overlooked a new release in the Real Time Strategy (or RTS) genre of gaming.

Sins of a Solar Empire is a space epic strategy game played out among stars, planets, and asteroids. Players are placed in command of one of three races and work to take complete control of their solar system (or galaxy) through any means necessary (usually militarily)....more

A Toned-Down Flogging
   Music Review ~ Jenny Kowalski

Flogging Molly's fourth album Float was a surprise. Their music, up until this point had followed a successful but steady pattern of loud, emotional punk rock songs. These were not songs that allowed you to stay motionless; you felt obligated to dance, mosh, scream or at least tap your foot vigorously along. Even their slower songs had a sort of raw intensity to them. So on the first listen through of Float I was miffed. This was not the Flogging Molly I was used to....more


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