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Democratic Typography
   Will Crain

In any election, it would be ridiculous to base your vote solely on a candidate's policy. As a staunch supporter of family values, true American patriotism, Toby Keith, and the sound the wind makes when it flits through the high wheat plains of Kansas, I believe that a man's character is a far greater measure of his strength as a leader than his experience, work ethic, and vision for the future. For example,....more

Mexican Emo Riots
   David Majors

MEXICO: Hundreds of youth cram the street squaring off against each other in factional violence. Police in riot gear are deployed. Anti-emo violence turns bloody. Wait….What the hell??

That's right. Throughout Mexico a bizarre wave of mob emo-bashings is sweeping across the country. The movement is being generated on message boards and social networking sites by non-emo youth who dislike like the emo look and attitude.....more

Enhancement Nation
  Alex Cameron

Say what you will about the importance of the Mitchell Report. But there is no doubt denying that the Senate hearings behind it, with crying superstars and dodgy old senators, have created images that we are by now familiar with. And while the repeated denial of steroid or HGH use by large-headed batsmen and over the hill pitchers has grown tiring and the resulting report revealed nothing baseball fans did not already know, the Senate hearings are nevertheless still of interest because.....more


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