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SPRING 2010 ElectionS

Spring 2010 Elections are completed, but we invite you to run in the Fall 2010 Elections for any remaining open positions. Posted below are the elections results from the Spring:

Student Senate Officers

Student Senate President
Juan Carlos Flores

Student Senate Vice-President
Stephen Williams

Student Senate Treasurer
Beth Kosta

Student Senate Secretary
Allie Reed

All-College Committee Senators

Academic Programming and Standards Committee Senator
Jarrod Bouchard

Enrollment and Student Life Committee
Chaney Burlin

Planning and Budget Committee
Evan Kontras

Class Officers

Class of 2012 President
Maria Orozco

Class of 2012 Treasurer
Rossen Iankov

Class of 2013 President
Jose Figueroa

Class of 2013 Vice President
Priscilla Cruz

Class of 2013 Treasurer
Matthew Manarski

Class Senators

Class of 2012 Senators
Ted Dunmire
Priya John
Jenna Montesano

Class of 2013 Senators
Terra Allgaier
Geovanny Barrera
Andrew Chesley
Priscilla Colon
Victor Eng
Brad Meisel
Hannah Shaffer
Jianan Yang

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Student Senate is a great source of information about the College especially in the areas of finance, policies and the College curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of Senate by joining us for a Senate meeting. Our weekly meetings are held Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Temple of Minerva (Denny 317).
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