Finance Committee Explanation

The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating funds to groups recognized by the Student Senate. It conducts business in accordance to the Finance Committee Standing Rules. The Student Senate Treasurer chairs the committee that is composed of at least one Senator from each class and at least three Members-at-Large (non-Senate members). The representation of Members-at-Large cannot constitute a majority of the committee’s membership. It allocates budgets for clubs and organizations in the spring followed by an appeals process both subject to the approval of Student Senate. Class budgets are allocated in the fall followed by an appeals process, again subject to the approval of the Student Senate. Any funding for unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, speakers, large campus-wide events, or new clubs is decided on by the Committee during its weekly meetings throughout the academic year. The Finance Committee also has the right to review the accounting procedures of the Student Senate Treasurer at any time, and organization treasurers may appeal to the Finance Committee to review procedures of the Student Senate Treasurer.

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Student Senate is a great source of information about the College especially in the areas of finance, policies and the College curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of Senate by joining us for a Senate meeting. Our weekly meetings are held Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Temple of Minerva (Denny 317).
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