Senate Funds and Finance Forms

In addition to the normal budget requested by a student organization, all clubs are eligible to request money from specific Senate funds. They can also request that their current funding be re-allocated or that they co-sponsor certain events with other organizations. The following explains these funds and special requests, as well as their respective application processes.

The Discretionary Fund

The Discretionary Fund serves two purposes:

  1. To provide funding for newly-recognized clubs that were unable to go through the normal spring budgeting process;
  2. To provide funding for recognized clubs that face unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances. (Note: The Discretionary Fund will not compensate for negligence or poor organizational planning at the time of spring budget hearings.)
Groups that are eligible to request money from the Discretionary Fund can access the request form by clicking here: Discretionary Fund Form

The Special Events Fund

For any event, clubs must make a request from the Special Events Fund at least 4 weeks prior to the event, filling out all of the information in the Special Events Fund Request Packet here.

PLEASE NOTE: If an event is scheduled for early September, the organization must begin this process in the spring.

The Enterprise Fund

The Enterprise Fund works like a loan to initiate an innovative and tangible fundraiser. Funding requests may not exceed $500 and allocations from the Enterprise Fund must be repaid within one calendar year of the disbursement. Student organizations are limited to one Enterprise Fund request per year.

Groups that are eligible to request money from the Enterprise Fund can access the request form by clicking here: Enterprise Fund Form

Questions? Please email the Senate Treasurer at

Student Senate is a great source of information about the College especially in the areas of finance, policies and the College curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of Senate by joining us for a Senate meeting. Our weekly meetings are held Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Temple of Minerva (Denny 317).
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