Governing Documents

The Dickinson College Student Senate is mostly governed by three documents – the Senate Constitution, the Senate Bylaws, and the College Community Standards.

The Constitution serves as the foundation for our organization. It states the Senate's mission and overall responsibility to the student body. It also outlines the composition of the Senate's membership, the qualifications and responsibilities, and the committee structure.

The Bylaws establish the specific procedures through which the Senate as a whole conducts its business. It outlines the meeting structure, the rules of decorum and demeanor, and the process of passing Senate legislation. Also listed are special procedures for guest speakers, budget approval, and censure and impeachment of members.

The Finance Committee Standing Rules are the guidelines that the Senate Finance Committee follows when allocating the monies collected from the Student Activities Fee. The rules include the individual funds that the Senate has established for certain purposes and the rules for administering those funds. They also outline the regulations that student organization must follow when budgeting and expending funds.

The Constitutional Affairs and Elections Committee (CAEC) Standing Rules provide structure to the Senate CAEC as it conducts its business. The rules regulate the campaign and election guidelines for all student government elections. They also include the specific procedures that a student organization must follow if it wants to obtain Senate-recognition, as well as the process that CAEC uses for implementing the club review cycle.

The Student Senate Community Relations Standing Rules provides structure to the Community Relations Committee as they fulfill their mission to advertise the affairs and activities of the Student Senate through multiple means, including management of the Student Senate Bulletin Board, promotion of the College in the Community, and engagement of the Carlisle community through various projects and efforts.

The Student Senate Grievance Committee Standing Rules provides structure to the Grievance Committee as they fulfill their mission to investigate student complaints into all aspects regarding Dickinson College warranting Senate action but not requiring the formation of an ad hoc committee, organize grievance tables or other means of engaging student opinion at least twice a month, and improve student life on campus through the use of a Grievance Committee Discretionary Fund.

The Community Standards are the rules followed by all students of the College. They include the College's policies regarding alcohol, drugs, and academic and social behavior. Also included are the disciplinary procedures for violating these standards. The Student Senate cannot amend the Community Standards directly.

Student Senate is a great source of information about the College especially in the areas of finance, policies and the College curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of Senate by joining us for a Senate meeting. Our weekly meetings are held Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Temple of Minerva (Denny 317).
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