File a Grievance

The Student Senate handles student grievances regarding almost anything on campus. No issue is too small or too large for us to attempt to resolve. Most student concerns are funneled to the Senate Grievance Committee, which is chaired by the Senate Vice President. From there, Senators work directly with the appropriate administrators or All-College Committees to address the issue.

To file a grievance, e-mail us at or print-out and submit a grievance form below (link coming soon).

Some of the higher-profile grievances resolved by the Senate over the past year:

  • extending the cafeteria hours
  • revamping the Quarry’s ordering system
  • eliminating the time parameters on Flex meal points
  • changing the library hours*
  • placing more Code Blue emergency lights on campus*
  • building a sand volleyball court on campus*

* indicates that it was addressed by a Senate Resolution.

Student Senate is a great source of information about the College especially in the areas of finance, policies and the College curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of Senate by joining us for a Senate meeting. Our weekly meetings are held Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Temple of Minerva (Denny 317).
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