Senate Cabinet

Lee Tankle Senate President tanklel
Juan Carlos Flores Senate Vice President floresj
Rob Seitz Senate Treasurer seitzr
Kim Starfield Senate Secretary starfiek
Sarah Henry CAEC Chair henrys
Ouwen Xia Community Relations Cmte. Chair xiao
Fabiola Cineas MOB Chair cineasf
Leonard Brown Student Senate Adviser  brownl
Erica Gordon Student Senate & MOB Adviser gordone

All-College Committee Senators
Eli Brill Academic Programming and Standards brille
Lauren Deitz Academic Programming and Standards deitzl
Austin Farneth Academic Programming and Standards farnethr
Jeffrey Rodgers Enrollment and Student Life 2010 rodgerje
Alex Feldman Enrollment and Student Life 2011 feldmaal
Brie Coyle Enrollment and Student Life 2012 coyleb
Chaney Burlin Enrollment and Student Life 2013 burlinc
James Doyle Information Technology and Services doylej
Philip Hubert Information Technology and Services hubertp
John Jones Information Technology and Services jonesjo
Evan Kontras Planning and Budget kontrase

Senior Class Senators
Charlie Umberger Senior Class President umbergec
James Estreich Senior Class Senator estreicj
Felix Fisher Senior Class Senator fisherf
Chad Frazier Senior Class Senator frazierc
Caroline Juterbock Senior Class Senator juterboc
Andrew Kamerosky Senior Class Senator kamerosa
Drew Pynchon Senior Class Senator/Sergeant-at-Arms pynchona
Phil Rothrock Senior Class Senator rothrocp
Natalie Waggaman Senior Class Senator waggaman

Junior Class Senators
Drew Robinson Junior Class President robinand
Kali Avans Junior Class Senator avanska
Chris Curry Junior Class Senator curryc
Samem Jabarkhail Junior Class Senator jabarkhs
Bart Jackson Junior Class Senator jacksoba
Beth Kosta Junior Class Senator kostae
Kameron Millar Junior Class Senator millark
Laura Romano Junior Class Senator romanol
Stephen Williams Junior Class Senator williste

Sophomore Class Senators
Teddy Wilhite Sophomore Class President wilhitet
Timothy Damon Sophomore Class Senator/Environmental Liaison damont
Ted Dunmire Sophomore Class Senator dunmireg
Kevin Dynan Sophomore Class Senator/Health and Public Safety Liaison dynank
Dan Gagliano Sophomore Class Senator gagliand
PJ Levinsky Sophomore Class Senator levinskp
Trevor McCarthy Sophomore Class Senator mccartht
Edwin Rodriguez Sophomore Class Senator rodirged
Jesse Weinstein Sophomore Class Senator weinstej

First Year Class Senators

Andre Jordan First-Year Class President jordanan
Andrew Chesley First-Year Class Senator chesleya
Priscilla Colon First-Year Class Senator colonp
David Cruz First-Year Class Senator cruzd
Victor Eng First-Year Class Senator engv
Leah McNamara First-Year Class Senator mcnamarl
Allie Reed First-Year Class Senator reedal
Hannah Shaffer First-Year Class Senator shafferh
Jianan Yang First-Year Class Senator yangj

Agents of Senate
Corina Pehlman Ambassador to Carlisle pehlmanc
Siobhan O'Grady Rush the Vote Chair ogradys
Mo Nom Teekham Finance Cmte. Member at Large teekhamm
John Montgomery Finance Cmte. Member at Large montgojo
Julianne Greco Finance Cmte. Member at Large grecoj
George Hicks Finance Cmte. Member at Large hicksg
Ted Dunmire Dickinsonian Correspondent dunmireg

Student Senate is a great source of information about the College especially in the areas of finance, policies and the College curriculum. We encourage students to take advantage of Senate by joining us for a Senate meeting. Our weekly meetings are held Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Temple of Minerva (Denny 317).
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