Create a Gateway Account Automatically

If you don't have an account for the Dickinson Gateway, use this option to create account by confirming your identity in our records. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for account provisioning to complete.

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          Be sure to use all 4 digits for year.

Please note: Your alumni record is stored under your current name. Make sure you use the proper form of your first name (such as Timothy instead of Tim). If you go by an initial in place of your first name (such as F. Scott Fitzgerald), only enter the initial and period (F.) for the first name. If your name includes "Jr." or "III" you should not enter it for the last name.

Request a Gateway Account

If you have trouble using our automatic account creation or you would prefer that someone from Dickinson assists you, please fill out this short questionnaire. A staff member will reach out to you on the next business day to assist you with creating an account.